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1) Payment: an invoice will be sent to the provided email address when the photos are sent. You may pay through a link in this invoice. Payment is due upon receipt of the photos.
2) Sales Tax: all photo shoots are subject to Texas State Sales Tax. Sales tax is not included in the price of the shoot or any quotes that may be given.
3) Usage Rights/Licensing: Residential Real Estate/MLS media packages come with temporary usage rights. Media created by Elemby Photography may be used for the purpose of marketing the photographed property for the life of the listing or up to 1 year, whichever comes first. Media may not be sold transferred or given away to a third party without proper re-licensing through Elemby Photography. Images may also not be used for purposed outside of marketing the photographed property for sale. Elemby Photography retains permanent rights to produced media and may use these media for marketing, social media or portfolio purposes. Please contact Elemby Photography for more information.
4) Cancellation: If a shoot needs to be cancelled or postponed, you can do so up to four hours before the shoot is scheduled to begin. There will be a $25 fee if the shoot is cancelled less than four hours before it is scheduled to begin.
5) Home Preparedness: a) The homeowners and agent are responsible for the home being ready to be photographed. If the home is not ready when the photographer arrives it will be photographed "as-is." If you would like to have the home re-shot once it is ready, the new photo shoot will be considered a completely separate shoot and will incur the costs of regular photo shoot. b) The photographer will not be responsible for moving items or helping prepare the home. They may photograph rooms that are ready while the homeowner and agents finish other rooms, or they may make suggestions based on experience.

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