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It's all in the details

I absolutely love finding little details in the things I photograph. Whether it's the way different textiles have been mixed together to complete a room, or a smattering of pottery throughout a home, I love capturing them in my photos. Sometimes, it seems that real estate photography is a mixed bag when it comes to details. More often than not, real estate photographers are there to capture the overall feel of a home. The little details matter; the vases must be arranged just so, and the curtains have to puddle correctly; but those things typically aren't the main focus of the images we're creating.

I got to photograph an Air BnB in Forney last week where the detail shots were just as important as capturing the overall feel of the home. And the details were absolutely amazing. The owner, Alexi, did such a fantastic job at picking out pieces to make the home feel complete and comfortable, and every room looked beautiful.

My favorite part was the dining area.

I absolutely love the blue glasses mixed with the yellow, mid-century style chairs, and the flowers in the centerpiece.

I thought the living room was staged beautifully as well.

The orange chairs quickly became a bit of an obsession and the teacup resting on the book seems like it's just beckoning you to come get cozy for an afternoon.

Overall the bedrooms were all really nice, but my favorite part was this little chair and table combo in the corner of the master bedroom.

This was a nice, casually elegant touch to an already beautiful bedroom that helped make it feel that much more cozy and welcoming.

There were a ton of other beautiful little details throughout the house that made it feel comfortable and warm and like some place you'd want to spend some time in.

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