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Residential Real Estate Services

High quality, professional photography to help sell your listings fast and build your brand.

  • Professional post processing to make you listing shine

  • 24 hour turn around

  • Sky replacements when necessary

  • Property gallery, website and marketing kit

Residential Real Estate/MLS media come with temporary usage rights that last for the life of the listing or up to 18 months. These media may not be used for purposes outside marketing of the property.


25 images - under 2500 sq ft

$150 +tax

25 images - 2500 - 4000 sq ft


36 images - 4000 - 5500 sq ft


up to 50 images - over 5500 sqft


+ 11 images (for 25 image sessions)


12 image mini session


Aerial Photography

Capture properties large and small from new heights! Aerial photography is the perfect way to capture lake views, neighborhoods, amenities and much more.


*Elemby Photography is FAA Part 107 certified and subject to FAA rules and regulations. Aerial photography may not be available everywhere (i.e. within five miles of an airport), and can not be performed in certain weather conditions (i.e. high winds).

up to 7 images

$75 +tax

12 images


Twilight Photography

Photographed in the minutes after sunset when the light is soft and beautiful. The twilight time slot is perfect for homes with lots of windows and great outdoor lighting.


When adding a twilight to a regular shoot, the shoot will begin 1 hour before sundown. For exterior only twilights the shoot will begin ten minutes before sundown.

up to 6 images added on to regular shoot

$75 +tax

10 image exterior only


30 images

Permanent usage rights to 5 images

$250 +tax

45 images

Permanent usage rights to 10 images


55 images

Permanent usage rights to 20 images


70 images

Permanent usage rights to 30 images


Portfolio Plus MLS

A standard residential MLS photo shoot with editorial and detail shots included. For use in marketing the home for sale on listing sites while also retaining usage rights for your favorite photos to use in marketing your business and showcasing your work.

Floor Plans

Help potential buyers visual the space with a floor plan.

under 3000 sq ft

$100 +tax

3000 to 5000 sq ft


over 5000 sq ft


Add ons and other services

Green Grass - up to 7  images


Perfect for homes photographed in winter or the height of summer when grass isn't looking it's best.

Weekend Shoot


For when you just can't squeeze a shoot in during your busy week. Limited availability.

Same Day Rush


Receive your images by 10pm the same day they are photographed.

Travel Fee


For homes over 35 miles from zip code 75077. $10 will be added for every 10 additional miles.

Permanent Usage Rights


For use of images outside of marketing the property for sale.

Inclement Weather Return


For when weather conditions make it impossible to photograph the exteriors (rain, snow, fog, etc).

Photo Ready Checklist

Not sure what to do to make your home look amazing for your upcoming shoot? We're here to help! Click the PDF icon to the left to download Elemby Photography's Photo Ready Checklist.

All photo shoots are subject to Texas state and local sales tax

Important Usage Rights Info

Residential Real Estate/ MLS packages come with temporary usage rights. Media may be used for the purpose of marketing the photographed property for the life of the listing or for up to 1 year, whichever comes first. Images may not be sold, transferred or given away to a third party without proper re-licensing through Elemby Photography. Images also may not be used for purposes outside of marketing of the property. Elemby Photography retains permanent rights to produced media and may use these media for marketing, social media or portfolio purposes. For more information on licensing and usage rights, or to purchase permanent usage rights please feel free to contact us. 

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